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We are taking the American bully style and adding a little height with lean muscle mass. We pride ourselves in producing XL and XXL pitbull puppies. Our pitbull puppies come in blue, blue fawn, blue brindle, champagne, white, cow patch (paint). Puppies are vaccinated and checked by certified vetenarians. All of our puppies come with an Official State Health Certification. If you live in or close to Pensacola Florida, co-owns are available.

HBK's Cesaer

HBK's Cesaer

Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm

Born March 10, 2010.

Ceasar and Storm male puppy A

Ironclad's Ramzees
(Woodbridge, Va)

Ceasar and Storm male puppy C

Ironclad's Capone
(Tallahassee, FL)

Ceasar and Storm male puppy E

Ironclad's Steel
(Ft. Washington, MD)

Ceasar and Storm female puppy A

Ironclad's Rogue
(Pensacola, FL)

Ceasar and Storm female puppy C

Ironclad's Storm Shadow
(Mobile, AL)

Ceasar and Storm male puppy B

Ironclad's Gunny
(Lithonia, Maryland)

Ceasar and Storm male puppy D

Ironclad's Dozer
(Pace, FL)

Ceasar and Storm male puppy F

Ironclad's Gambit
(Pensacola, FL)

Ceasar and Storm female puppy B

Ironclad's Star
(Pensacola, FL)

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