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NLP's Cain

NLP's Big Daddy Cain
Lady's Sire

ICK's Iron Giant

ICK's Iron Giant
Storm's Sire

ICK's Disciple

ICK's Disciple
Nala's Sire
Storm's Grand Sire

ICK's Giant Q-Ball

ICK's Giant Q-Ball
Nala's Great Grand Dam
Storm's Great Grand Dam

HBK's Ceasar

HBK's Ceasar
Capone's Sire
Gambit's Sire

Prides Peaches

Pride's Peaches
Lady's Dam
Storm's Dam

ICK's Iron Maiden

ICK's Iron Maiden
Storm's Grand Dam

ICK's Isis

ICK's Isis of Iron Pride
Nala's Dam

MWK's Dom P

Most Wanted's Dom P
Nala's Grand Sire

◊ Punish the deed not the breed ◊

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