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Ironclad's Capone

Ironclad's Princess Nala

Princess Nala

Disciple meets Inmate but with the muscle maker Storm. Ironclad's Capone is out of the HBK's Ceasar and Ironclad's Storm breeding. Nala is out of ICK's Disciple and ICK's Isis of Ironpride. Nala is closely line bred. This outcross is sure to produce dogs like no other. From Capone, Ceasar, Disciple and Inmate; we are expecting large dogs with excellent head structure and size. From Miss Freaky and Nala we are expecting all dogs to be tight skinned and have large chest.

The combination of pedigrees is amazing. The muscle, head and chest on these dogs are going to be amazing.These puppies are going to be very muscular, athletic, and TIGHT skinned XXL dogs. Females in this blood are ICK's Giant Q-ball, Ironclad's Storm, ICK's Peaches of Iron Pride, HBK's Blanca, ICK's Iron Maiden and Superior's Miss Freaky. With males in the pedigree like HBK's Ceasar, GK's Inmate, Pharaoh's Konvict, Most Wanted's Dom-P, ICK Disciple, RBG's King Lion, these pups are guaranteed to be head turners.

$500 deposit is required to reserve your pup.
Depostis are non-refundable but can be transferred to another breeding.

Male 1 – Ironclad Kennels
Male 2 – Available
Male 3 – Available

Female 1 – Available
Female 2 – Available
Female 3 – Available

HBK's Tank

Ironclad's Gambit


Ironclad's Lady

HBK's Ceasar meets Next Level Pits Cain (R.I.P). Ironclad's Gambit is a very muscular with a large defined chest and rear. Lady is CORRECT, clean and a all around beautiful girl. Lady's Sire, NLP's Cain, was an amazing dog that was known for producing dogs with amazing chest, shoulders, temperament, and color. Lady came from a full champagne litter and we are expecting a large number of champagnes in this litter as well.

The pedigrees in this litter is an excellent combination to produce smart, muscular, tight skinned, and athletic XL dogs. Productions of this breeding are going to have extreme bone, chest, rear and head thrown together in one very clean package. In the pedigree we have NLP's Cain, Rambo, GK's Inmate, HBK's Ceasar, Superior's Miss Freaky, and ICKs Peaches of IronPride.

$500 deposit is required to reserve your pup.
Depostis are non-refundable but can be transferred to another breeding.

Male 1 – Ironclad Kennels
Female 1 – $2000
Female 2 – Sold
Female 3 – $2000
Female 4 – Sold

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