Welcome to Ironclad Kennels - Home of the Best American Pitbull Terriors

Welcome to Ironclad Kennels

Home of the Best American Pit bull Terriors

Champagne Pitbull


capone pit bull pensacola florida


capone pit bull pensacola florida

About Us

We specialize in breeding and raising blue, champagne and blue fawn American Pit Bull Terriors. Our dogs/puppies are exercised daily and are hard working, while still being social and fun-loving family members. We at Ironclad Kennels know that certain bloodlines of pitbulls have been introduced to other breeds for size, muscle, girth, and temperment. We stay true to our breed and HAVE NOT/WILL NOT introduce any other breed into our productions. All size, weight, and charactersitics are true. Weight and height are not the sole basis of or breeding program. We at Ironclad Kennels are true to structure and confirmaton, while striving to produce Large and X-Large (XL and XXL) blue, blue fawn and champagne pitbulls terriors.


Our bloodlines are mainly consist of Ruffian, Watchdog, Greyline. We have just introduced Camelot and Ghangis Kon bloodlines into our programs and we are expecting great dogs from these breedings. We have used Iron Cross Kennels (ICK) blood to get a frame suitable for the weight.


We are located in Northwest Florida (Pensacola) on the Gulf Coast. If you live in the area, please contact us. We have several cookouts and "Meet and Greets" were you can meet other owners and breeders in the area.

Our Goal

We strive to produce clean, large, and muscular pitbulls that are UKC standard (larger version). Our dogs are guaranteed to be reliable, trustworthy, and unique! All of our foundation females were selected from breedings planned by other kennels and myself. We at Ironclad Kennels will not lie about weights, ages, or breedings. All weights are from vet scales and heights are accurate. Our 75 pound dogs are most kennels 85/95 pound dogs. All of our puppies are delivered with an OFFICIAL STATE HEALTH CERTIFICATE. We will do our best to find the perfect dog or puppy for you, even if it means sending you to another reputable breeder!

◊ Punish the deed not the breed ◊

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